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IN SITU Podcast — Trailer

The IN SITU Podcast is a series of conversations bringing together the IN SITU community to discuss the realities, trends and challenges of art in public space at the ...

REGENERATION OF PLACES —with Alina Stockinger, Mikey Martins and Fabienne Queméneur

What is public space and how has it evolved? How can art transform this perception? A three-way conversation between: > the associate artist Alina Stockinger from E...

COMMUNITIES — with Linda di Pietro, Benoît Mousserion and Àdàm Kobrizsa

What is a community? How practice can create communities? How can we facilitate connection?

SOCIAL JUSTICE — with Lura Limani, Eva Bubla and Christophe Blandin-Estournet

"Artivism" what? Public space as a civil right? Art as a catalyst? Art in public space: which impact on society?

NATURE — with Nana Francisca Schottländer, Kees Lesuis and Paul Forecast

How has site-specific art evolved with time? How is the Human/Nature relationship built? How can Nature benefit from artistic experimentation? How can Nature and Ar...

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